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Business Plan Entry Form

Part IV: Organizational Information

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1. What type of business will yours be? Please write the type of business in the space below. (The four main types of business are the following: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, C Corporation, S Corporation, Limited Liability Corporation.


City: State:

2. Number of current employees?

2a. Enter total number of employees you will have in the future.

Names (of current employees):

Titles (of current employees):

C. In what capacity will each work? (Please answer this in a complete sentence. Example: "The employee will assist in working the lunch counter during the busiest times of operation (11AM until 2:30 PM)")

3. Who will your advisors (for example, CPA, attorney, etc.) be? For each advisor, please write down the advisor's name, title, and address.

Advisor #1

Advisor #2

Advisor #3

Important: Save your document first!

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