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Step Three: Business Plan

Create Your Business Plan

Ready to get started on your business plan? The Table of Contents listed below contains all of the sections that your business plan will need. Click on each link below and, when the page opens, follow the instructions at the top. You will have options to save, erase and print each section.

If you would like to view a sample business plan before getting started, you may choose from one of two provided on this CD:

Bubba's Bagels|Sorrel's Horse Farm

Important Notices:

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Additional Note on Printing: If you would like the pages of the business plan to print without unnecessary headers or footers, please take the following steps before proceeding. Go to "File" on your browser menu. Select "Page Setup." Underneath the section titled "Headers and Footers," delete anything in the field next to "Headers" and also delete anything in the field next to "Footers." These two fields should be blank. Click "Ok."

You are ready to print!

Business Plan Table of Contents

Step One: Cover Sheet

Step Two: Background Information

Step Three: Description of Product(s) and/or Service(s)

Step Four: Organizational Matters

Step Five: The Marketing Plan

Step Six: Competitive Analysis

Step Seven: The Financial Plan

Step Eight: Conclusion

Step Nine: Executive Summary

Step Ten: Appendix

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