Directions for Saving the
Interactive Guide to Starting a Business Software
to Your Computer's Hard Drive

The contents of this CD may operate more effectively if saved to and accessed from your computer's hard drive.

To save the contents of this CD directly to your hard drive, take the following steps:

  1. Insert the CD into your computer;
  2. Position your mouse over the "Start" in the lower left corner of your computer's screen and right click the Mouse.
  3. Select "Explore."
  4. Select the drive for your removable disc on the left side of the split screen that will appear. You will then see the contents of the disc on the right side.
  5. From the menu bar on the top, select "Edit." Then select "Select all." The contents will all be selected.
  6. Go again to the menu bar, select "Edit." Then "Copy."
  7. On the left side of the split screen, select "C:" (your computer's hard drive).
  8. From the menu bar on the top, select "File." Then "New Folder."
    A new folder will be created and you may name it whatever you like. One suggestion is "Business Plan."
  9. Double click on the newly named folder. Then go again to the Menu bar, select "Paste." The contents of the CD should be pasted into this folder.
  10. Double click on the file within the folder named "default.htm." The CD's contents will then start running from your hard drive.

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